The Patented Eliminator Separation System

renewable patentoffice-50Patent No: 9,371,707, Granted on June 21, 2016

Tank Skid cradles a 4 Compartment Tank System:

  • Removes 100% of all gases
  • Removes and separates solids from the tank with minimal moisture retained
  • Oil is separated and skimmed
  • Clarified water is returned to well head and/or operates water jets in the mud gas separator
  • Oil accumulates and further clarifies in compartment 4 to await disposition

Pump Skids – 1-3:

  • Ensures an accurate flow system

Electric Generator:

  • Provides power for the pumps and auger systems

AFFF Fire Suppression System:

  • Automatically activates in the event of a fire

Eliminator Separation Package Available

The Eliminator Separation System is designed to function best when packaged with a mud gas separator, scrubber, and flare system

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